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Question 1:
Robert Lee Yates, Bing Crosby and Julia Sweeney are all:
People from Spokane, Washington American people convicted of murder American aviators American military personnel of the Gulf War

Question 2: [5] On September 19, 1998, Yates was asked to give a ________ sample to Spokane police after being stopped; he refused, stating that it was too extreme of a request for a "family man".

Question 3: The prosecution sought the ________ for the deaths of Melinda L.
StoningReligion and capital punishmentCapital punishmentTorture

Question 4: [7] In October 2002, Yates was convicted of those murders and sentenced to death by ________.
Lethal injectionTortureCapital punishment in the United StatesHanging

Question 5: Robert Lee Yates, Jr. (born May 27, 1952) is an American serial killer from ________.
SeattleSpokane, WashingtonCheney, WashingtonVancouver, Washington

Question 6: He currently is on ________ at the Washington State Penitentiary.
Death rowCapital punishmentDeath row phenomenonExecution chamber

Question 7:
Robert Lee Yates, Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer are all:
People from Walla Walla, Washington Prisoners sentenced to death by Washington (U.S. state) American military personnel of the Gulf War American serial killers

Question 8:
Robert Lee Yates, Mark Zuckerberg and Charice Pempengco are all:
Living people American serial killers American people convicted of murder American aviators

Question 9:
Robert Lee Yates, Gary Ridgway and Kenneth Bianchi are all:
American aviators People from Spokane, Washington American prisoners sentenced to death People convicted of murder by Washington (U.S. state)

Question 10: From 1996 to 1998, Yates is known to have murdered at least 13 women, all of whom were ________ working on Spokane's "Skid Row" on E.
Sex and the lawProstitution by countryProstitutionSexual ethics

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