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Robert Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool: Quiz


Question 1: This tour took in the Netherlands and ________, whereby he was old enough to take his seat in Parliament.

Question 2: In 1796 his regiment was sent to Scotland and he was quartered for a time in ________.
United KingdomWigtownDumfriesDumfries and Galloway

Question 3: In 1794 he became a Colonel in the ________ fencibles, and his military duties led to frequent absences from the Commons.
Cinque PortsDeal, KentNew RomneyKent

Question 4: Under governmental supervision the notorious ________ of 1815 were passed prohibiting the import of foreign wheat until the domestic price reached a minimum accepted level.
Corn LawsUnited Kingdom legislationIrish Coercion ActSix Acts

Question 5: Britain defeated France in the ________, and Liverpool was awarded the Order of the Garter.
Napoleonic WarsNapoleon IGrande ArméeFirst French Empire

Question 6: Following the ________ in 1819, his government imposed the repressive Six Acts legislation which limited, among other things, free speech and the right to gather for peaceful demonstration.
RoytonPeterloo MassacreManchesterOldham

Question 7: In the defence movement that followed the outbreak of hostilities with ________, Jenkinson, was one of the first of the ministers of the government to enlist in the militia.
FranceUnited KingdomCanadaItaly

Question 8: The decision of 1812 to remove the issue from collective cabinet policy, followed in 1813 by the defeat of Grattan's Roman ________, brought a period of calm.
William Pitt the YoungerRoman Catholic Relief BillsDaniel O'ConnellCatholic Emancipation

Question 9: February, 1816 - ________ succeeds Lord Buckinghamshire at the Board of Control
Harold MacmillanGeorge CanningJohn MajorJames Callaghan

Question 10: Jenkinson was baptised on 29 June 1770 at St. Margaret's, Westminster, the son of George III's close adviser ________ and his first wife, Amelia Watts.
Charles Jenkinson, 1st Earl of LiverpoolThomas Townshend, 1st Viscount SydneyWilliam Pitt the YoungerRobert Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool


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