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Robert H. Grubbs: Quiz


Question 1: He was then appointed to the faculty of ________.
Michigan State University academicsMichigan State UniversityWayne State UniversityMichigan State Spartans

Question 2: and M.S.), where he worked with Merle Battiste, and ________, where he obtained his Ph.D.
Cornell UniversityNew York UniversityColumbia UniversityRutgers University

Question 3: Bibliographic Resources--Metathesis Method in Organic Synthesis, from the Office of Scientific and Technical Information, ________
United States Department of EnergyEnergy policy of the United StatesOffice of Energy Efficiency and Renewable EnergyOffice of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability

Question 4: Grubbs received the 2005 ________, along with Richard R. Schrock and Yves Chauvin, for his work in the field of olefin metathesis.
Rudolph A. MarcusNobel Prize in ChemistryElias James CoreyFrederick Sanger

Question 5: Grubbs studied chemistry at the ________ (B.S.
Florida State UniversityHistory of the University of FloridaFlorida GatorsUniversity of Florida

Question 6: Brown Award for Creative Research in Synthetic Methods (2001), the Tolman Medal (2002), and the ________ (2005).
Elias James CoreyRudolph A. MarcusNobel Prize in ChemistryFrederick Sanger

Question 7: He next spent a year with James Collman at ________.
Silicon ValleyPalo Alto, CaliforniaStanford UniversitySan Jose, California

Question 8: He also contributed to the development of so-called "________".
Chain growth polymerisationLiving polymerizationAnionic addition polymerizationCobalt

Question 9: In 1978 he moved to ________ where he is presently Victor and Elizabeth Atkins Professor of Chemistry.
University of California, San DiegoUniversity of California, Los AngelesCalifornia Institute of TechnologyUniversity of Southern California

Question 10: His main interests in organometallic chemistry and synthetic chemistry are ________, notably Grubbs' catalyst for olefin metathesis and ring-opening metathesis polymerization with cyclic olefins such as norbornene.


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