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Robert E. Howard: Quiz


Question 1: Many of his letters to ________ ran for a dozen pages or more, filled with stories he had picked up from elderly Civil War veterans, Texas Rangers, and pioneers.
Lovecraftian horrorS. T. JoshiCthulhuH. P. Lovecraft

Question 2:
Where was Robert E. Howard born?

Question 3:
Which of the following genres does Robert E. Howard produce?

Question 4: The ________ were reported as interested in producing the script but these plans were cancelled when Schwarzenegger became Governor of California in 2003.
The AnimatrixThe MatrixJoel SilverWachowski brothers

Question 5: The British metal band ________ is named after Howard's story "The Gods of Bal-Sagoth."[330] Bal-Sagoth have no individual tracks based on Howard's work but instead incorporate Howardian themes into their music.
Jonny MaudlingThe Chthonic ChroniclesByron RobertsBal-Sagoth

Question 6: [106] In time this circle of correspondents has developed a legendary patina about it rivaling similar literary conclaves such as The Inklings, the ________, and the Beats.
Bloomsbury GroupVirginia WoolfLytton StracheyVanessa Bell

Question 7:
When was Robert E. Howard born?

Question 8:
Who of the following did Robert E. Howard influence?

Question 9:
When is Robert E. Howard's birthday?

Question 10:
How is Robert E. Howard described?
President of Philadelphia and Reading Railroad
British television presenter
American short story writer, poet, novelist, epistolean
Australian politician.


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