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Robert Capa: Quiz


Question 1:
Where did Robert Capa die?

Question 2:
When did Robert Capa die?

Question 3:
When is Robert Capa's birthday?

Question 4:
Where was Robert Capa born?

Question 5: From 1936 to 1939, he was in Spain, photographing the horrors of the ________, along with Gerda Taro, his companion and professional photography partner, and David Seymour.
POUMFrancisco FrancoSpanish Civil WarSpanish Civil War, 1936

Question 6:
What was Robert Capa's birth name?
Endre Ernu0151 Friedmann
Lee Alistair Wright
Garry George Johnson
Margarita Mimi Baez

Question 7: In 1995, thousands of negatives to photographs that Capa took during the ________ were found in three suitcases bequeathed to a Mexico City film-maker from his aunt.
Spanish Civil War, 1936POUMFrancisco FrancoSpanish Civil War

Question 8: In 1939, after Capa fled Europe for America during World War II, these negatives were left behind in a Paris darkroom and they were assumed lost during the ________ invasion of Paris.
FascismNazismNeo-NazismAdolf Hitler

Question 9: About five minutes later, Mecklin and Lucas heard an explosion; Capa had stepped on a ________.
Cluster bombBunkerLand mineTrench warfare

Question 10: Jerald R Green, a professor at ________, was informed by a letter from the Mexican film-maker about this discovery.
New Jersey Institute of TechnologyHunter CollegeQueens College, City University of New YorkCity College of New York


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