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Question 1: He made a cameo appearance in ________'s film Waking Life (2001), where he discussed the continuing relevance of existentialism in a postmodern world.
Richard LinklaterSlacker (film)Boyhood (film)The Newton Boys

Question 2: Solomon was born in ________, USA.
DetroitGrosse PointeDearborn, MichiganMetro Detroit

Question 3: Solomon died on January 2, 2007 at ________ airport.

Question 4: Robert C. Solomon (September 14, 1942 – January 2, 2007) was a professor of continental philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin in the ________.
AlaskaPhilippinesUnited StatesCanada

Question 5: His interests were in 19th-century German philosophy--especially ________ and Nietzsche--and 20th-century Continental philosophy--especially Sartre and phenomenology, as well as ethics and the philosophy of emotions.
Thomas AquinasGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelFriedrich NietzscheImmanuel Kant

Question 6: He held several teaching positions at such schools as ________, the University of California, Los Angeles, and the University of Pittsburgh.
Rutgers UniversityPrinceton UniversityHarvard UniversityPrinceton Tigers

Question 7: (1963) at the University of Pennsylvania, he moved to the ________ to study medicine, switching to philosophy for an M.A.
Michigan State UniversityWayne State UniversityUniversity of MichiganOhio State University

Question 8: Solomon described in one lecture a very personal experience he had while a medical student at the ________.
Michigan State UniversityUniversity of MichiganOhio State UniversityWayne State University

Question 9: From 1972 until his death, except for two years at the University of California at Riverside in the mid-1980s, he taught at ________, serving as Quincy Lee Centennial Professor of Philosophy and Business.
University of FloridaUniversity of Texas at AustinTexas Tech UniversityTexas A&M University


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