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Robe: Quiz


Question 1: A gown worn in fantasy literature and ________ by wizards and other magical characters.
Role-playing game (pen and paper)Live action role-playing gameRole-playing gameRole-playing game terms

Question 2: (Also called a house coat.) See, for example, that worn by the fictional character ________.
Marvin the Paranoid AndroidArthur DentThe Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyThe Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Tertiary to Quintessential Phases

Question 3: A gown worn as part of the ________ of faculty or students, especially for ceremonial occasions, such as a convocations, congregations or graduations.
SilkKente clothLinenAcademic dress

Question 4: A gown worn as part of the attire of a judge or ________.

Question 5: (Informal usage) Any long flowing garment; for example, a ________ is sometimes called a robe, despite the fact that the cassock is close-fitting.
CassockBishopChoir dressSurplice

Question 6: A wide variety of long, flowing religious dress including pulpit robes and the robes worn by various types of ________.
MonasteryHouseholder (Buddhism)MonkNun

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