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Roanoke Colony: Quiz


Question 1:
What region does Roanoke Colony belong to?
South East England
Lombardy, Italy
New add

Question 2:
What is the legislature of Roanoke Colony called?
General Court
Provisional revolutionary government
Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick
Supreme Council

Question 3:
What type of government does Roanoke Colony have?
Monarchy / Democracy
Constitutional monarchy from 1889 onwards
Semi-elective monarchy

Question 4: The new colonists were instructed to pick up the fifteen men left at Roanoke and settling farther north, in the ________ area; however, no trace of them was found, other than the bones of a single man.
Chesapeake BayBlue Ridge MountainsAllegheny MountainsDelmarva Peninsula

Question 5:

Question 6: Roanoke: The Lost Colony Feature film at the ________
Google BooksCalibre (software)Internet ArchiveAmazon Kindle

Question 7:
Where does Roanoke Colony come from?
United States Of America
United States of America
Emigrated from Europe to America
America and UK

Question 8: When Captain John Smith and the Jamestown colonists settled in ________ in 1607, one of their assigned tasks was to locate the Roanoke colonists.
VirginiaNorth CarolinaWest VirginiaNew Jersey

Question 9: Stahle, of the University of Arkansas, Department of Geography, in ________, and archaeologist Dennis B.
Springdale, ArkansasFayetteville, ArkansasWinslow, ArkansasLittle Rock, Arkansas

Question 10: Then, the coming of the ________ led to every able ship in England being commandeered to fight, which left White with no seaworthy vessels available to return to Roanoke.
Spanish EmpireAnglo-Spanish War (1585)English ArmadaSpanish Armada


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