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Question 1: Select second fill (sieved) should be composed of gravel, decomposed rock or broken rock below a specified Particle size and be free of large lumps of ________.
Soil liquefactionSandClaySoil

Question 2: Deterioration is primarily due to accumulated damage from vehicles, however environmental effects such as ________, thermal cracking and oxidation often contribute.
PalsaIce lensActive layerFrost heaving

Question 3:
Who played Arvind Chauhan the movie Road?
Vivek Oberoi
Makrand Deshpande
Manoj Bajpai
Vivek Oberoi

Question 4: Gutter - ________ a drainage channel between the main carriageway and the edge of the road.
WalesUnited KingdomCanadaEngland

Question 5: ________ from roads and other impervious surfaces is a major source of water pollution.
EutrophicationSurface runoffUrban runoffMarine pollution

Question 6: A synonym for ________ in some parts of the UK.

Question 7:
What role did Vivek Oberoi play in the movie Road?
Inspector Singh
Arvind Chauhan
Bhanwar Singh

Question 8: Tar was derived from ________, accessed from oil fields in the region, through the chemical process of destructive distillation.
Peak oilPetroleumEnergy developmentPetroleum industry

Question 9:
Who played Jay the movie Road?
Vivek Oberoi
James Urbaniak
Ebon Moss-Bachrach
Manoj Bajpai

Question 10: [24] ________ kicked up by vehicles may trigger allergic reactions.
DustAir pollutionCometParticulate

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