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Rituximab: Quiz


Question 1: bcr-abl (Dasatinib, ________, Nilotinib)

Question 2: Rituximab is now being used in the management of ________ recipients.
Lung transplantationImmunosuppressive drugKidney transplantationOrgan transplant

Question 3:
What is the elimination half life of Rituximab?
25.4 u00B1 6.3 hours
30 to 400 hours
12 days - Multiple Dose; 120-170 hours - Single Dose
3.5 - 5 hours

Question 4:
What type is thing is Rituximab?

Question 5:
How is Rituximab excreted?
10-15% unchanged
Uncertain: may undergo phagocytosis and catabolism in RES
Fecal and renal

Question 6: A new study from Norway suggests that rituximab (together with methotrexate) might help patients with ________.
Chronic fatigue syndromeMultiple sclerosisLyme diseaseSystemic lupus erythematosus

Question 7: [6] There are significant concerns about ________ (PML) infection in SLE patients[7] and other conditions.
PoliomyelitisHerpesviral encephalitisTropical spastic paraparesisProgressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy

Question 8: CD20 is widely expressed on B cells, from early pre-B cells to later in differentiation, but it is absent on terminally differentiated ________.
Plasma cellThymocyteT helper cellWhite blood cell

Question 9: Rituximab was developed by IDEC Pharmaceuticals (formed in 1986 by biotech pioneers ________ and Howard Birndorf).
Growth capitalPrivate equityIvor RoystonVenture capital

Question 10: Rituximab has been shown to be an effective ________ treatment in three randomised controlled trials and is now licensed for use in refractory rheumatoid disease.
Reactive arthritisRheumatoid arthritisSystemic lupus erythematosusCoeliac disease


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