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Question 1: Soldiers and sailors may also be ________ again on obtaining a promotion.

Question 2: ________: Victory Forge
United States Army AfricaUnited States Marine CorpsUnited States armed forcesUnited States Army

Question 3: "Quinceañera" many who celebrate include a ________
Mass (liturgy)Tridentine MassRoman Catholic theologyCatholic liturgy

Question 4: ________ in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Temple (LDS Church)Missionary (LDS Church)Seventy (Latter Day Saints)Priesthood (LDS Church)

Question 5: ________, mainly in Judaism (Bris) and Islam
Religious male circumcisionCircumcision and HIVCircumcisionPenis

Question 6: ________ for non-religious youngsters who want a rite of passage comparable to the religious rituals like Confirmation
SwedenNordic countriesHuman rightsSecular coming of age ceremony

Question 7: Rites of passage are often ceremonies surrounding events such as other milestones within puberty, ________, marriage and death.
Rite of passageComing of ageAdultAdolescence

Question 8: First Eucharist and First Confession (especially First Communion in ________)
CrusadesCatholicismEast–West SchismCatholic Church

Question 9: Naval (military and civilian) ________
Eternal Father, Strong to SaveUnited States NavyUnited States Naval AcademyLine-crossing ceremony

Question 10: Etoro tribe and Baruya in ________ where young boys must begin ingesting their elders semen, and then stop doing it at a certain age.
PhilippinesSaudi ArabiaEast TimorPapua New Guinea

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