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Question 1: It has its origins in English ________.
Civil law (legal system)ShariaCommon lawReception statute

Question 2: ________ (see "logging and mineral rights" under Canada)
AlbertaCrown landPolish–Lithuanian CommonwealthNewfoundland and Labrador

Question 3: ________ water rights (or simply riparian rights) is a system of allocating water among those who possess land about its source.
ValleyRiparian zoneDrainage basinErosion

Question 4: However, these titles became subject to the "Commerce Clause" of the Constitution which created an ________ or "servitude" benefiting the federal government for the purpose of regulating commerce on navigable bodies of water.
Allodial titleRiparian water rightsTitle (property)Easement

Question 5: Riparian rights exist in many countries with a common law heritage, such as Canada, Australia, and states in the eastern ________.
United StatesGermanyPhilippinesAlaska

Question 6: Navigable waters are both those bodies of water that are obviously highways of commerce (the Hudson River, the ________, the Ohio River, the Mississippi River etc) and those that have been declared by a state legislature as navigable.
Rondout CreekEast Branch Delaware RiverDelaware RiverNeversink River

Question 7: The ________ lists the riparian rights and duties in England and Wales:[2]
Northern Ireland WaterEnvironment AgencyWater Services Regulation AuthorityScottish Water


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