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Question 1: The (linear) ________ is independent of the rotational motion.
Classical mechanicsMomentumEnergyForce

Question 2: For instance, in quantum mechanics ________ (consisting of the point masses: electrons and nuclei) are often seen as rigid bodies (see classification of molecules as rigid rotors).

Question 3: The configuration space of a nonfixed (with non-zero translational motion) rigid body is E+(3), the subgroup of direct isometries of the ________ in three dimensions (combinations of translations and rotations).
Dihedral groupEuclidean groupGroup (mathematics)Orthogonal group

Question 4: ________ is a vector quantity that describes the angular speed at which the orientation of the rigid body is changing and the instantaneous axis about which it is rotating.
Cross productRotation groupAngular velocityRotation matrix

Question 5: The total ________ is simply the sum of translational and rotational energy.
Classical mechanicsKinetic energySpecial relativityMass–energy equivalence

Question 6: If C is the origin of a local ________ L, attached to the body,
Coordinate systemCartesian coordinate systemSpherical coordinate systemOrthogonal coordinates

Question 7: In ________, a rigid body is an idealization of a solid body of finite size in which deformation is neglected.
PhysicsQuantum mechanicsUniverseParticle physics

Question 8: In the kinematic sense, these changes are referred to as translation and ________, respectively.
Rigid bodyEarthRotationRotation around a fixed axis

Question 9: The ________ with respect to the center of mass is the same as without translation: at any time it is equal to the inertia tensor times the angular velocity.
EnergyAngular momentumForceRigid body

Question 10: A rigid body is called chiral if its mirror image is different in that sense, i.e., if it has either no ________ or its symmetry group contains only proper rotations.
Symmetry (physics)Group (mathematics)SymmetryEuclidean group


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