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Righteousness: Quiz


Question 1: The New Testament speaks of a salvation founded on God's righteousness, as exemplified throughout the history of salvation narrated in the ________, (Romans 9-11).
BibleBiblical apocryphaOld TestamentBiblical canon

Question 2: (E.g., Leviticus 19:36; ________ 25:1; Psalm 1:6; Proverbs 8:20) It is used in a legal sense; while the guilty are judged, the guiltless are deemed righteous.
PsalmsBook of LeviticusBook of DeuteronomyBook of Exodus

Question 3: Its chief meaning concerns ________ conduct.

Question 4: Righteousness is one of the chief attributes of ________.

Question 5: The English word righteous was coined by ________, who remodelled the word after an earlier word rihtwis, which would have yielded Modern English *rightwise or *rightways.
Douay-Rheims BibleAuthorized King James VersionMatthew BibleWilliam Tyndale

Question 6: The failure to comprehend its meaning is perhaps the most responsible for the view of the Old Testament religion as legalistic and as far removed from the graciousness of the ________.
JesusGospelBiblical canonNew Testament

Question 7: Righteousness as it is understood in the ________ is a thoroughly Hebraic concept at variance with the common understanding of the term.
Old TestamentBiblical canonBiblical apocryphaBible

Question 8: He used it to translate the Hebrew root צדקים (TzDYQ), tzedek, which appears more than five hundred times in the ________, and the Greek word δικαιος (dikaios), which appears more than two hundred times in the New Testament.
Hebrew BibleDeuterocanonical booksTanakhOld Testament

Question 9: Righteousness (also called rectitude) is an important theological concept in Judaism and ________.
BaptistEcumenismChristian denominationChristianity

Question 10: ________ describes Lot as a righteous man in 2 Peter 2:7-8.
Christianity in the 1st centuryJohn the ApostleCatholic ChurchSaint Peter


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