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Right whale: Quiz


Question 1: Later, morphological factors such as differences in the skull shape of northern and southern animals indicated that there were at least two species—one in the northern hemisphere, the other in the ________.
Southern OceanIndian OceanPacific OceanAtlantic Ocean

Question 2:
What is Right whale's current status?

Question 3: Northern right whales responded to sounds similar to police sirens—sounds of much higher ________ than their own.
Electromagnetic radiationWaveFrequencyOptics

Question 4: Whale lice, parasitic cyamid ________ that live off skin debris, offer further information through their own genetics.

Question 5:
What is the genus authority of Right whale?
Gerstu00E4cker, 1864
Schiner, 1864
Gray, 1864
Carpenter, 1864

Question 6:
What kind of animal is a Right whale?

Question 7: There have been a smattering of sightings further east over the past few decades—several sightings were made close to ________ in 2003.

Question 8: In winter in Argentina, Península Valdés in ________ hosts the largest breeding population of the species, with more than 2,000 animals catalogued by the Whale Conservation Institute and Ocean Alliance.
PatagoniaPacific OceanAmericasSouth America

Question 9: It migrates north in winter for breeding and can be seen around the coasts of ________, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Mozambique, New Zealand and South Africa.
MexicoArgentinaUruguayBuenos Aires

Question 10: [8] The communities first split because of the joining of North and ________.
Latin AmericaAmericas (terminology)South AmericaAmericas

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