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Right to Censor: Quiz


Question 1: At SummerSlam 2000, Richards, Buchanan, and The Goodfather won a 6-man tag match against ________ and Rikishi.
Adam CopelandCarly ColónToo CoolChris Benoit

Question 2: Even though The Goodfather and Bull Buchanan lost the Dudley Invitational at No Mercy 2000, Venis and Richards managed to defeat ________ and Mr. Ass in a tag match.
ChynaTriple HChris JerichoGlenn Jacobs

Question 3: Before being forced into the group, The Kat was starting a group called Right to Nudity, which was to play on The Kat's infamous ________ stunt where she appeared completely topless.
MSG NetworkPRISM (TV channel)Pay-per-viewFox Sports West and Prime Ticket

Question 4: The group had a moderate level of success, with Buchanan and The Goodfather holding the Tag Team Championship and Ivory capturing the WWF Women's Championship before entering in to a high-profile feud with ________.
Chris JerichoTriple HGlenn JacobsChyna

Question 5: At the ________, Ivory once again retained her title by defeating Chyna; on the other hand, Buchanan, The Goodfather, and Venis all failed in their attempt to win the Royal Rumble Match.
Royal Rumble (2002)Royal Rumble (2001)Royal Rumble (1999)Royal Rumble (2000)

Question 6: The group was a parody of the ________, who were, at the time, protesting the level of violence and sexual content in WWF programming and threatening to boycott several of their sponsors.
2004–05 United States network television scheduleParents Television CouncilMTVSuper Bowl XXXVIII halftime show controversy

Question 7: At Armageddon 2000, Ivory came out victorious once again in a triple-threat title match against Molly Holly and ________, and Val Venis also was victorious over Chyna.
Chris JerichoJason ResoTrish StratusGlenn Jacobs

Question 8: No Way Out 2001 that year marked the last time the RTC would win a match at a pay-per-view when Steven Richards defeated ________.
Jerry LawlerTony AtlasJim RossDusty Rhodes (wrestler)

Question 9: The Right to Censor (frequently referred to as RTC) was a ________ faction in the World Wrestling Federation from mid-2000 to early 2001.
Professional wrestlingGlobal Professional Wrestling AllianceTotal Nonstop Action WrestlingNational Wrestling Alliance

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