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Question 1: [57] ________ argued for the indirect authority of the Pope over temporal matters.
Edmund BurkeLeo StraussConservatismJoseph de Maistre

Question 2: From the European ________ until the Enlightenment, references to Greek and Roman traditions were frequently cited as arguments for political change from monarchy to more democratic ideals, which would now be described as left-wing.
Western art historyRenaissanceBaroqueItalian Renaissance

Question 3: They may be institutional: in the West this has included chivalry and feudalism, as well as ________, laicité and the rule of law.
Keynesian economicsAnarcho-capitalismLaissez-faireCapitalism

Question 4: Maistre, who fled the ________, became convinced that ultra-liberal ideas, particularly Rousseau's theory of a "general will", had led to the horrors of the French Revolution and the bloodshed of the Napoleonic Wars.
National ConventionFrench DirectoryNational Constituent AssemblyFrench Revolution

Question 5: Right-wing politics involves in varying degrees the rejection of ________ objectives of left-wing politics, claiming either that equality is artificial or that the imposition of social equality is detrimental to society.
Universal suffrageEgalitarianismSlaveryTorture

Question 6: Throughout the 19th century, the main line dividing Left and Right in France was between supporters of the Republic and those of the ________.
Constitutional monarchyCrown jewelsCoronationMonarchy

Question 7: In France, ________ was originally a left-wing and Republican ideology.
Anti-nationalismNationalismLeft-wing nationalismFascism

Question 8: [48] Right-wing nationalism was influenced by ________ in which the state derives its political legitimacy as an organic consequence of the unity of those it governs.
Romantic nationalismRomanticismAdam MickiewiczFrédéric Chopin

Question 9: ________ wrote that it was incorrect to represent the political spectrum as a line with socialists on the left, conservatives on the right and liberals in the middle.
Murray RothbardLudwig von MisesLew RockwellFriedrich von Hayek

Question 10: Many of these, such as the ________, were defeated by monarchist military units.
World War IAdolf HitlerGerman Revolution of 1918–19Weimar Republic

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