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Right-libertarianism: Quiz


Question 1: Right-libertarianism or right libertarianism is a phrase used by some to describe non-________ and pro-private property forms of libertarianism.
Individualist anarchismCollectivismCommunismAnarchism

Question 2: Second, in addition to the better-known version of libertarianism—right-libertarianism—there is also a version known as '________'.
Libertarian socialismMutualism (economic theory)Anarcho-capitalismLeft-libertarianism

Question 3: He labeled as "right-libertarianism" libertarian conservatism, ________, small government conservatism and paleolibertarianism.
ConstitutionalismAnarcho-capitalismPolish–Lithuanian CommonwealthAnarchism

Question 4: [4] He wrote in "New Libertarian Manifesto" about the right-libertarian "anti-principles" of gradualism, ________, reformism and minarchism.
Conservative political partiesLiberal conservatismTraditionalist conservatismConservatism

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