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Question 1: Many rifles, often referred to as ________, were very similar to the muskets they replaced, but the military also experimented with other designs.
Pattern 1853 EnfieldMinié rifleRifled musketSpringfield Model 1861

Question 2: The Mauser rifle was paralleled by Britain's ten-shot ________ and America's 1903 Springfield Rifle models (the latter pictured above).
Lee-EnfieldBren light machine gunLewis GunVickers machine gun

Question 3: The original muzzle-loading rifle, with a closely fitting ball to take the ________ grooves, was loaded with difficulty, particularly when foul, and for this reason was not generally used for military purposes.
FirearmInternal ballisticsRiflingCartridge (firearms)

Question 4: Minié system rifles, notably the U.S. Springfield and the British Enfield of the early 1860s, featured prominently in the ________, due to the enhanced power and accuracy.
TennesseeAmerican Civil WarUnited StatesBleeding Kansas

Question 5: The Minié system allowed conical bullets to be loaded into rifles just as quickly as round balls in smooth bores, which allowed ________ to replace muskets on the battlefield.
Pattern 1853 EnfieldRifled musketMinié rifleSpringfield Model 1861

Question 6: Experience in ________ led German military researchers to conclude that long-range aimed fire was less significant at typical battle ranges of 300 m.
Armenian GenocideWorld War ICaucasus CampaignWestern Front (World War I)

Question 7: Modern hunting rifles have fiberglass and carbon fiber stocks and more advanced ________ pads, but are fundamentally the same as infantry rifles from 1910.

Question 8: When the projectile leaves the barrel, the conservation of angular momentum improves accuracy and range, in the same way that a properly thrown ________ or rugby ball behaves.
Touch football (American)American footballArena footballGridiron football

Question 9: Although uncommon, ________ is still used in some weapons today with one example being the Glock line of pistols (which fire standard bullets).
Heckler & Koch G3Polygonal riflingGlock pistolLee-Enfield

Question 10: In the transitional nineteenth century, the term "________" was used to indicate the novel weapon which combined the accuracy of rifles and the rate of fire of muskets.
Springfield Model 1861Minié riflePattern 1853 EnfieldRifled musket

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