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Rif: Quiz


Question 1: The region remained under Vandal control until the 6th century AD when the ________ reconquered parts of it.
Byzantine EmpireByzantine literatureByzantine navyByzantine Greeks

Question 2: Massive deforestation due to overgrazing, forest fires, and forest clearing for agriculture, particularly for the creation of ________ plantations, has taken place over the last century.
ScopolamineCannabisMandrake (plant)Amitriptyline

Question 3: When the latter was divided during the rule of Emperor ________, Tangier became the capital of Mauretania Tingitana.

Question 4: The Rif mountains are not part of the ________ but belong to the Gibraltar Arc or Alborán Sea geological region.
Appalachian MountainsPyreneesAtlas MountainsAlps

Question 5: Later the ________ replaced the Phoenicians as the major power in the region.

Question 6: The Rif produces as much as one half of the world's ________.
Cannabis smokingCannabisHashishCannabis (drug)

Question 7: [2] The Rif mountains are also home to the ________ Apis mellifera major.
Honey beeBeekeepingEuropean honey beeAfricanized bee

Question 8: In the 5th century AD, the region was raided by the ________, and Roman rule came to an end.
Germanic peoplesSuebiVandalsFranks

Question 9: It is part of the Cordillera Bética that also includes the mountains of Southern ________.

Question 10: After the ________, Carthage was supplanted by Rome, and the Rif became part of the province of Mauretania.
Third Punic WarSecond Punic WarPunic WarsRoman Republic

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