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Question 1: Black Jack took part in the state funerals of Presidents John F. Kennedy (1963), Herbert Hoover, (1964), and Lyndon Johnson (1973), and General of the Army ________ (1964).
Douglas MacArthurJohn J. PershingDwight D. EisenhowerGeorge Marshall

Question 2: Historical records indicate that President ________ was the first president of the United States to be honored by the inclusion of the caparisoned horse in his funeral cortege, carrying his saddle, pistols, and holsters.
Alexander HamiltonDwight D. EisenhowerUlysses S. GrantGeorge Washington

Question 3: The horse follows the caisson carrying the casket in a ________ procession.
FuneralCremationBurialDeath and culture

Question 4: He was renamed (in honor of famous WWI soldier ________) when he was accepted into the military in 1997.
Sergeant YorkJohn J. PershingUnited StatesAlvin C. York

Question 5: The most famous riderless horse was "Black Jack," a half-Morgan named for ________ John "Black Jack" Pershing.
United States Army officer rank insigniaColonel (United States)General of the ArmiesGeneral of the Army (United States)

Question 6: The custom is believed to date back to the time of ________, when a horse was sacrificed to serve the fallen warrior in the next world.
Genghis KhanMongol EmpireÖgedei KhanGolden Horde


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