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Question 1: Often the drummer will vary between the same pattern either on the ________ or the ride cymbal, playing for example the hi-hat in the verses and the ride in the instrumentals and/or choruses.
Tom-tom drumHi-hatDrum kitBass drum

Question 2: In rock or ________, the ride cymbal is most often struck regularly in a rhythmic pattern as part of the accompaniment to the song.
American popular musicBluesDixielandJazz

Question 3:
A ride cymbal is a type of ________ that is a standard part of most drum kits.
RototomCymbalTom-tom drumBass drum

Question 4: Ride cymbal | China cymbal | Splash cymbal | Sizzle cymbal
Swish cymbal | Cowbell | Wood block | ________
Rototom | Octoban | Hardware

Question 5: Drummers normally place the main ride cymbal on their extreme right (or ________) above the floor tom, as it is played with the right hand almost all of the time[1].

Question 6: Brushes, used commonly in variations of ________, make the ride cymbal more felt than heard, as it creates a low vibration to keep a steady beat, but a low sound volume.
American popular musicJazzDixielandBlues

Question 7: 4 ________ | 5 Snare drum | 6 Hi-hat
Tom-tom drumCymbalBass drumRototom

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