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Rickettsiales: Quiz


Question 1: However, a number of species have been removed, such as Coxiella burnetii, the cause of ________.
BrucellosisQ feverTularemiaRocky Mountain spotted fever

Question 2: Environmental samples have found a variety of genes that originate from this group, pointing to a number of free-living ________ species.
ZooplanktonPhytoplanktonPrimary productionPlankton

Question 3: Most of those described survive only as ________ of other cells.

Question 4: Some are notable pathogens, including ________, which causes a variety of diseases in humans.
Orientia tsutsugamushiBacteriaRickettsiaRocky Mountain spotted fever

Question 5: On the other end of the scale, genetic studies support the ________ according to which mitochondria and related organelles developed from members of this group.
ChloroplastEndosymbiotic theoryBacteriaEukaryote


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