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Question 1: The area was approved as a national park site in the 1930s,[2] and the National Park Service operated a ________ camp at "Ricketts Glynn" (sic).
Great DepressionNew DealCivilian Conservation CorpsFranklin D. Roosevelt

Question 2: Ricketts Glen State Park is in the ________ drainage basin, the earliest recorded inhabitants of which were the Iroquoian-speaking Susquehannocks.
Octoraro CreekConowingo CreekDeer Creek (Maryland)Susquehanna River

Question 3: [18] In the winter of 1997 ________ was allowed in the Ganoga Glen section of the park for the first time.
BoulderingExtreme sportIce climbingRock climbing

Question 4: Their numbers were greatly reduced by disease and warfare with the Five Nations of the ________, and by 1675 they had died out, moved away, or been assimilated into other tribes.
IroquoisFrench and Indian WarMohawk nationSeneca nation

Question 5: Ricketts was a lumberman who made his fortune ________ nearly all his land, but the forests in the glens were "saved from the lumberman's axe through the foresight of the Ricketts family".

Question 6: [16][17] ________ brought an end to this plan for development.
Second Sino-Japanese WarWorld War IICollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IISoviet occupations

Question 7: After this, the lands of the Susquehanna valley were under the nominal control of the Iroquois, who encouraged displaced tribes from the east to settle there, including the Shawnee and ________ (or Delaware).
New NetherlandNew YorkLenapeNew Jersey

Question 8: In 1942 the ________ bought 1,261 acres (510 ha), including the Glens and their waterfalls, from the heirs for $82,000.
North CarolinaNew JerseyConnecticutPennsylvania

Question 9: Out of concern for greater safety, ________ with handrails replaced those made from hewn logs, overhanging rock ledges were removed in places, and the trail was rerouted near some falls.


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