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Question 1: [10] While visiting the ________ radio show in March 2005, however, she said that while she and Fox were intimate with each other briefly during the 2004 holidays, a reconciliation was unlikely.
The Howard Stern ShowHoward Stern television showsHoward SternPrivate Parts (1997 film)

Question 2:

Question 3:
How is Rick Fox described?
Retired Swedish ice hockey player
Retired basketball player, actor
Retired football referee, Financial advisor
Retired Canadian ice hockey player

Question 4:
What is Rick Fox also known as?
Fox, Ulrich Alexander
Fox, Robert Barclay
Sexl, Roman Ulrich
Fox, Vivica Anjanetta

Question 5: [7] Fox married actress/singer ________ in a quiet ceremony in the Bahamas; they then followed with an elaborate ceremony in New York in September 1999.
The Sweetest DaysThe Real Thing (Vanessa Williams album)The Comfort Zone (album)Vanessa L. Williams

Question 6:
Which of the following teams did Rick Fox play for?
*Boston Celtics n*Los Angeles Lakers
* Atlanta Falcons
* Dallas Cowboys n* Indianapolis Colts

Question 7:
When was Rick Fox born?

Question 8:
What role did Rick Fox play in the telemovie Street Time?
Kevin Hunter
Peter Samson
James Liberti
Sam Kahan

Question 9:
When is Rick Fox's birthday?
Toronto, Ontario

Question 10: He played Wilhelmina Slater's bodyguard and lover in the second season of ________, opposite his former wife.
Yo soy Betty, la feaUgly Betty (season 3)Ugly Betty (season 4)Ugly Betty

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