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Question 1: The Richter magnitude scale, also known as the local magnitude (ML) scale, assigns a single number to quantify the amount of seismic energy released by an ________.
S-waveLandslideEarthquakeGeotechnical engineering

Question 2: His inspiration was the ________ scale used in astronomy to describe the brightness of stars and other celestial objects.
Binary starSupernovaAbsolute magnitudeApparent magnitude

Question 3: It is a base-10 logarithmic scale obtained by calculating the logarithm of the combined horizontal ________ of the largest displacement from zero on a Wood–Anderson torsion seismometer output.
Measuring instrumentAmplitudeCrest factorWave

Question 4: The Richter magnitude of an earthquake is determined from the logarithm of the ________ of waves recorded by seismographs (adjustments are included to compensate for the variation in the distance between the various seismographs and the epicenter of the earthquake).
Electrical engineeringMeasuring instrumentAmplitudeCrest factor

Question 5: The ________ release of an earthquake, which closely correlates to its destructive power, scales with the 32 power of the shaking amplitude.


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