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Question 1: Richard Freiherr von Krafft-Ebing[1] (August 14, 1840 – December 22, 1902) was an Austro-German sexologist and ________.
Emergency psychiatryPsychotherapyPsychiatristPsychiatry

Question 2: For decades it was an authority on psychosexual diversity and arguably one of the most influential books on human sexuality prior to ________'s works.
William JamesExistentialismImmanuel KantSigmund Freud

Question 3: He popularized psychiatry, giving public lectures on the subject and theatrical demonstrations of the power of ________.
HypnosisFamily therapyCognitive behavioral therapyPsychoanalysis

Question 4: ________, for instance, was an aberrant act, but not a perversion, because pregnancy could result.
RapeSexual abuseProstitutionSexual assault

Question 5: Baron von Krafft-Ebing was born in ________, Baden, Germany.

Question 6: He was educated in ________ and studied medicine at the University of Heidelberg.

Question 7: Krafft-Ebing's brief studies of females included the case of Count-Sandor, a female-to-male ________.
TransgenderTranssexualismAndrogynyThird gender

Question 8: Krafft-Ebing elaborated a biological theory of homosexuality as an anomalous process originating during the gestation of the embryo and fetus, evolving into a sexual inversion of the ________.
Sensory systemBrainDigestionNervous system

Question 9: He subsequently became a professor at Strasbourg, ________, and Vienna, and a forensic expert at the Austro-Hungarian capital.

Question 10: paraesthesia: Sexual desire for the wrong goal or object, including ________ ("contrary sexual desire"), sexual fetishism, sadism, masochism, paedophilia , etc.
Sexual orientationHomosexualityBisexualityLesbian

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