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Richard Owen: Quiz


Question 1: He also later pointed out the serial connection between the ________ and ganoid fishes, grouping them in one sub-class, the Teleostomi.

Question 2: Henceforth, he continued to make important contributions to every department of comparative anatomy and ________, for a period of over fifty years.

Question 3: He referred, especially, to the changes exhibited by the successive forerunners of the ________ (1884) and horses (1868) but it has never become clear how much of the modern doctrines of organic evolution he admitted.
CrocodileDwarf crocodileNile crocodileCrocodylus

Question 4: Owen famously credited himself and ________ with the discovery of the Iguanodon, completely excluding any credit for the original discoverer of the dinosaur, Gideon Mantell.
Georges CuvierPaleontologyMammalCharles Darwin

Question 5: He held the latter office until 1856, when he became superintendent of the natural history department of the ________.
Imperial War MuseumNational Gallery (London)British MuseumVictoria and Albert Museum

Question 6: Owen was born in Lancaster and educated at ________.
Central Lancaster High SchoolLancaster Girls' Grammar SchoolLancaster Royal Grammar SchoolMorecambe High School

Question 7: Most of these were obtained from South Africa, beginning in 1845 (Dicynodon) and eventually furnished materials for his Catalogue of the Fossil Reptilia of South Africa, issued by the ________, in 1876.
Imperial War MuseumNational Gallery (London)British MuseumVictoria and Albert Museum

Question 8: He then devoted much of his energies to a great scheme for a National Museum of Natural History, which eventually resulted in the removal of the natural history collections of the British Museum to a new building at South Kensington: the British Museum (Natural History) (now the ________).
Natural History MuseumImperial War MuseumNational Gallery (London)Victoria and Albert Museum

Question 9: In 1871, Owen was found to be involved in a threat to end government funding of Joseph Dalton Hooker's botanical collection, at Kew, possibly trying to bring it under his ________.
Victoria and Albert MuseumBritish MuseumImperial War MuseumNational Gallery (London)

Question 10: The problematical ________ Limulus was also the subject of a special memoir by him, in 1873.


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