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Question 1: Japanese ________ rice is another kind as well.
BrewingAlcoholic beverageBeerSake

Question 2: Rice is the seed of a monocot plant ________.
IndonesiaPhilippinesOryza sativaPaddy field

Question 3: This causes nutrients from the outer husk, especially ________, to move into the grain itself.
BiotinVitamin CThiamineVitamin B12

Question 4: Rice flour and ________ often are used in batters and breadings to increase crispiness.

Question 5: 1500-800 BC) and then is frequently referred to in ________ texts.

Question 6: Although, the diffusion of rice in much sub-Saharan Africa remains uncertain, Arabs brought it to the region stretching from ________ to the White Nile.
Lake ChadGreat Salt LakeLake TurkanaDead Sea

Question 7: White rice may also be buffed with glucose or talc powder (often called polished rice, though this term may also refer to white rice in general), parboiled, or processed into ________.
International wheat production statisticsBreadWheatFlour

Question 8: In 1694, rice arrived in South Carolina, probably originating from ________.
MozambiqueMaldivesMadagascarSaint Helena

Question 9: Cooked rice can contain ________ spores, which produce an emetic toxin when left at 4°C–60°C [5].
Staphylococcus aureusBacillus cereusClostridium difficileClostridium

Question 10: In ________ there is a saying that grains of rice should be like two brothers, close but not stuck together.
India and the Non-Aligned MovementIndiaResearch and Analysis WingLok Sabha

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