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Riba: Quiz


Question 1: Part of a series on
Islamic Jurisprudence

– a discipline of ________
Islamic theologyIslamic studiesMuslim worldSharia

Question 2: With the abolition of interest, Siddiqi argues that the economic focus becomes attached to entrepreneurial activities, using the vehicle of ________, resulting increasing economic activity.
Islamic economic jurisprudenceIslamic bankingFull-reserve bankingCentral bank

Question 3: Riba was forbidden in the Medinan society of the Prophet, as it had been in the medieval ________ world.
Catholic ChurchJesusChristianityChristian

Question 4: Riba (Arabic: ربا, IPA: [rɪbæː]) means usury and is generally forbidden in ________ fiqh.
Islamic economic jurisprudenceMuslim worldDhimmiSharia


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