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Question 1: Mercedes and ________ dropped into the store to shop.
Tina ReillyCarmel ValentineJacqui McQueenCalvin Valentine

Question 2: In February 2009, Rhys met Zak's sister ________ in the pub.
Holly HutchinsonHayley RamseyBarry "Newt" NewtonLauren Valentine

Question 3: Rhys refused to believe this and was very upset when he and the rest of the Ashworths realized Hannah was suffering from bulimia and ________.
Body dysmorphic disorderMajor depressive disorderAnorexia nervosaBulimia nervosa

Question 4: ________ also entered the competition, in spite of being a female, and won.
Mercedes FisherCalvin ValentineRuss OwenJohn Paul McQueen

Question 5: Rhys Ashworth is a fictional character from the long-running ________ soap opera Hollyoaks, played by Andrew Moss.
BBCChannel 4Five (TV channel)S4C

Question 6: He photographed her on his phone and boasted to ________ of the pictures when he was in the SU Bar watching a football match.
Frankie OsborneDarren OsborneBarry "Newt" NewtonJack Osborne

Question 7: When Rhys went to the toilet, Darren saw that Rhys had left his phone, leading to the photos being sent to everyone in the SU Bar, and even published in a ________.
SerbiaList of men's magazinesList of pornographic magazinesFrance

Question 8: Meanwhile, Rhys tried to console Sarah when she found out Craig was sleeping with best friend ________.
John Paul McQueen and Craig DeanCalvin ValentineJohn Paul McQueenCraig Dean

Question 9: ________ recently discovered Rhys and Beth's secret after seeing them kissing and told Josh the next day.
Myra McQueenMichaela McQueenJohn Paul McQueenNiall Rafferty

Question 10: He got jealous because he thought that Sarah was flirting with ________.
Craig DeanJohn Paul McQueen and Craig DeanJohn Paul McQueenJake Dean


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