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Rhotic consonant: Quiz


Question 1: However, "being r-like" is a strangely elusive feature, and the very same sounds that function as rhotics in some systems may pattern with ________, semivowels or even stops in others.
Flap consonantApproximant consonantFricative consonantConsonant

Question 2: If a trill is made with the tip of the tongue against the upper gum, it is called an apical (tongue-tip) ________; the IPA symbol for this sound is [r].
Voiceless labiodental fricativeVoiceless velar plosiveAlveolar tapAlveolar trill

Question 3: Trill (popularly known as rolled r): The airstream is interrupted several times as one of the organs of speech (usually the tip of the tongue or the ________) vibrates, closing and opening the air passage.
Human pharynxPalatine uvulaHead and neck anatomySoft palate


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