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Question 1: There are over 28,000 ________ of Rhododendron in the International Rhododendron Registry held by the Royal Horticultural Society.
Genera PlantarumCultigenCultivarBotanical name

Question 2:
What is the genus authority of Rhododendron?

Question 3: Rhododendron is also the state tree of the state of ________, India.

Question 4: [2] Relatively fewer species occur in North America and ________.
Eastern EuropeBalkansEuropeWestern Europe

Question 5:
What family does Rhododendron belong to?

Question 6: Eleven similar cases have been documented in ________, Turkey during the 1980s.
IstanbulAnkara─░zmirTurkish people

Question 7: [6] The suspect rhododendrons are Rhododendron ponticum and Rhododendron luteum (formerly Azalea pontica), both found in northern ________.
AnatoliaIstanbulTurkeyTurkish people

Question 8: Rhododendron catawbiense, the predominant Rhododendron in the ________, is the state flower of West Virginia, and is in the Flag of West Virginia.
Appalachian MountainsRocky MountainsGreat PlainsTennessee

Question 9: Later, it was recognized that honey resulting from these plants have a slightly ________ and laxative effect.
Psychoactive drugDrugPsychedelic drugPsychedelics, dissociatives and deliriants

Question 10: The highest species diversity is found in the Himalayan mountains from Uttarakhand, Nepal and Sikkim to Yunnan and Sichuan, with other significant areas of diversity in the mountains of Indo-China, Korea, ________ and Taiwan.
CambodiaCanadaJapanUnited Kingdom


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