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Question 1:
What timezone is Rhode Island in?
Eastern: UTC-5/-4
Chile Time

Question 2: It was also the last colony of the thirteen colonies to ratify the ________ on May 29, 1790 once assurances were made that a Bill of Rights would become part of the Constitution.
Electoral College (United States)United States CongressUnited States ConstitutionContinental Association

Question 3: Rhode Island enacted the first ________ prohibiting slavery in North America on May 18, 1652.
XeerShariaScots lawLaw

Question 4:
Who played centre in the Rhode Island?
Craig Township
Rhode Island
Johnson County, Kentucky

Question 5:
What is the highest point in Rhode Island?

Question 6: Eastern Rhode Island contains the lowlands of the ________, while Western Rhode Island forms part of the New England Upland.
Blackstone RiverNarragansett BayBristol, Rhode IslandProvidence, Rhode Island

Question 7:
What is the capital of Rhode Island?

Question 8:
In terms of elevation, what is the lowest place in Rhode Island?
Atlantic Ocean
of Wabash River
Ohio River and mouth
Gulf of Mexico coast

Question 9:
How many metres above sea level is Rhode Island?

Question 10: What does the following picture show?

  Manning Hall at Brown University
  The original 1636 deed to Providence, signed by Chief Canonicus.
  Rural scene near Jamestown in southern RI
  The Breakers Mansion

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