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Rhetoric of science: Quiz


Question 1: ________: Cosmology • Galactic astronomy • Planetary geology • Planetary science • Stellar astronomy
AstrophysicsTheoretical astronomyAstronomySun

Question 2: In the past fifteen years, books written by ________, Steve Woolgar and Alan Gross ("The Rhetoric of Science"), contain as their subject the generalization of the radical critique.
Bruno LatourScientific methodActor-network theoryÉmile Durkheim

Question 3: Epistemic rhetoric of science, in a broader context, confronts issues pertaining to truth, ________, and knowledge.

Question 4: Quarterly journals in speech and rhetoric saw a flourishing of discussion on topics such as inquiry, logic, argument fields, ethos of scientific practitioners, argumentation, scientific text, and the character of scientific ________ and debates.
DiscourseSocial sciencesSemanticsMichel Foucault

Question 5: ________ in Genetics and the Origin of Species offers a means of reconciliation between Mendelian mutation and Darwinian natural selection.
Igor SikorskyG. Ledyard StebbinsTheodosius DobzhanskyErnst W. Mayr

Question 6: He gives attention to the revolutionary changes that came about as a result of the work of ________, Newton, Einstein, Roentgen, and Lavoisier.
Polish–Lithuanian CommonwealthJohannes KeplerHeliocentrismNicolaus Copernicus

Question 7: Seeing science from the point of texts exhibiting ________ based on prediction and control offers new comprehensive ways to see the function of rhetoric of science (Gross “The Origin” 91-92).

Question 8: Michael Halloran notes in “The Birth of Molecular Biology” (Rhetoric Review 3, 1984) – an essay that is a rhetorical analysis of ________ and Francis H.
James D. WatsonJoshua LederbergSalvador LuriaMarshall Warren Nirenberg

Question 9: The reconstitution of rhetorical theory around the lines of invention (inventio), ________ and stylistic adaptation is going on today (Simons 6).
ReasoningInferenceArgumentation theoryLogic

Question 10: The other branch of radical rhetoric of science is of the ________ variety (Gross "Rhetoric of Science," Encyclopedia 623-625).

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