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Rhema: Quiz


Question 1: By contrast, ________ is typically used in Scripture to refer to what God has said to His people, that is, the collection of God's sayings about Himself, His relationship with His creation and His Church.
Christian apologeticsLogosTrinityDemiurge

Question 2: Rhema (from Greek: ῥῆμα "utterance" and by implication "matter" or "topic (of a narration, command or dispute)" is a term used in ________.
Christian theologyTrinityBiblical canonChristology

Question 3: Pentecostal and other ________ Christians have different viewpoints of how Rhema should be used and understood.
EvangelicalismEcumenismProtestant ReformationChristianity

Question 4: Rhema "saying" in this context bears a different meaning than ________ "word".
Christian apologeticsTrinityDemiurgeLogos


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