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Rheged: Quiz


Question 1: The name of the Cymry has, however, survived in the name of ________ and now Cumbria.
CumberlandWestmorlandCounty townYorkshire

Question 2: Its borders are not described in the poems, but some modern scholars have suggested that it included what is now ________ in North West England and possibly extended into Lancashire and Scotland.
Barrow-in-Furness (borough)CumbriaGreater ManchesterMerseyside

Question 3: It is known that Irish Christian missionaries were active in sub-Roman Cumbria (although the region was at least nominally ________ even in Roman times), as indicated by several early church dedications to St.
Christian denominationChristianityEcumenismBaptist

Question 4: After Bernicia united with Deira to become the kingdom of ________, Rheged was annexed by Northumbria, at some time before AD 730.
Amlaíb CuaránNorthumbriaScandinavian YorkEric Bloodaxe

Question 5: There was a royal marriage between Prince (later King) ________ and a Rhegedian princess, probably in 638, so it is possible that it was a peaceful takeover by the same man inheriting both kingdoms.
Edwin of NorthumbriaOswiu of NorthumbriaAldfrith of NorthumbriaOswald of Northumbria

Question 6: The name Rheged has today been adopted by the The Rheged Centre close to Penrith in ________.
CumbriaBarrow-in-Furness (borough)LancashireGreater Manchester

Question 7: After Rheged was incorporated into Northumbria, the old ________ was gradually replaced by Old English, with Cumbric surviving only among remote upland communities.
Pictish languageScottish GaelicBritish language (Celtic)Cumbric language

Question 8: His victories over the Anglian chieftains of ________ in the second half of the sixth century, are recorded by Nennius and celebrated by the bard Taliesin who calls him 'Ruler of Rheged'.
NorthumbriaHen OgleddBerniciaDeira

Question 9: A southern kingdom based on Ribchester in ________ would neatly fill a gap where no sub-Roman kingdom is otherwise known.
Greater ManchesterLancashirePrestonNorth West England


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