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Rhön Mountains: Quiz


Question 1: Wildpark Klaushof - the Klaushof deer park in ________.
ElfershausenFuchsstadtBad KissingenBad Bocklet

Question 2: In addition to the more common mammals such as roe deer, ________, badger, hare and wild boar, there are also smaller mammals such as the dormouse, common water shrew and Miller's water shrew.
FoxGray WolfRed FoxCanidae

Question 3: As a result of its geography and geology the Rhön is an area with higher-than-average number of different habitats and ________.
SpeciesEvolutionBiological classificationLife

Question 4: Hikers come for the nearly 6000 km (3750 miles) of trails through the picturesque scenery, and ________ enthusiasts have been drawn to the area since the early Twentieth century.
Hang glidingLift (soaring)GlidingPowered hang glider

Question 5: Its natural vegetation would probably be dominated by ________ woods with scattered groups of other trees, but today beech trees are very much in decline.
BeechFagus sylvaticaFagus grandifoliaNothofagus

Question 6: This term was coined by the Romans in ________ and described an ancient beech forest in the Rhön and the neighbouring low mountain ranges of the Spessart and Vogelsberg.
Byzantine EmpireEarly Middle AgesRoman EmpireLate Antiquity

Question 7: These mountains, which are at the extreme southeast end of the ________ (Osthessische Bergland), are partly a result of ancient volcanic activity.
West Hesse HighlandsRhön MountainsWest Hesse DepressionEast Hesse Highlands

Question 8: The highest mountain in the Rhön is the Wasserkuppe (950.2 m) which is in ________.
WiesbadenGermanyFrankfurt am MainHesse

Question 9: Due to the outstanding field of view from the Rhön mountains, they became sites for hilltop castles in the ________.
Late Middle AgesEarly Middle AgesHigh Middle AgesMiddle Ages

Question 10: Characteristic plants here include the ________, Northern Wolfsbane, Common Moonwort, Martagon Lily, Greater Butterfly Orchid, Perennial Cornflower and Wig Knapweed.
ConiumAtropa belladonnaAconitumCannabis

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