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Rex Grossman: Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2:
When was Rex Grossman born?

Question 3:
What proceeded Rex Grossman?

Question 4:
How is Rex Grossman described?
American athlete
British television presenter
American physicist

Question 5:
What team does Rex Grossman play for?
Tennessee Titans
Chicago Bears
Free Agent
California Redwoods

Question 6:
Where was Rex Grossman born?
Courtice, Ontario
Bloomington, Indiana
Grenada, Mississippi

Question 7:
Which of the following titles did Rex Grossman have?
Florida Gators Starting Quarterbacks
1994-95 Rugby Football League season
Mr. Chevy Celebrity
Senator for New South Wales

Question 8:
What is Rex Grossman's current status?
Unrestricted Free Agent
Exclusive Rights Free Agent
Ruling appealed but to be set free without bail.
Open all year and free of charge

Question 9:
Who has Rex Grossman played for in the past?
* Tampa Bay Buccaneers n* Houston Texans n* Tampa Bay Buccaneers
* Chicago Bears n* Houston Texans
* Baltimore Ravens n* Houston Texans n* Chicago Bears
* Houston Texans *n* Pittsburgh Steelers *n* Edmonton Eskimos n:

Question 10:
In which team did Rex Grossman make his debut?
Texas Rangers
Seattle Seahawks
Chicago Bears
St. Louis Rams

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