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Question 1:
Who played Bald Police Inspector the movie Revolver?
Terence Maynard
Masatoshi Murakami
Marc Mazza
Robert Urich

Question 2:
What role did Assumpta Serna play in the movie Revolver?
Anna Cipriani
Countess Angela Rossetti
Naoko Saeki

Question 3:
What role did Roy Barraclough play in the movie Revolver?
Nobuhiko Shimizu, Police
Aldo Testi
Tom McCall
Various Characters

Question 4:
Who played Yasuo Akune the movie Revolver?
Katsuya Kobayashi
André Benjamin
Roy Barraclough
Ray Liotta

Question 5:
Who played Jordi Torres the movie Revolver?
Jordi Mollà
Steven Williams
Oliver Reed
Jason Statham

Question 6:
Who played Ayo Yamakawa the movie Revolver?
Reiko Nanjo
Satomi Tezuka
Shiori Sakura
Paola Pitagora

Question 7:
What role did Mark Strong play in the movie Revolver?
Nobuhiko Shimizu, Police
Dorothy Macha
Susumu Idemizu

Question 8: Fresh rounds are then inserted into the cylinder, either one at a time or all at once with either a ________ or a moon clip.
Cartridge (firearms)RevolverMagazine (firearms)Speedloader

Question 9: Top-break designs are nearly extinct in the world of firearms, but they are still found in ________.
Air gunRifle.22 Long RifleShotgun

Question 10:
Who played Setsuko Ozaki the movie Revolver?
Assumpta Serna
Shiori Sakura
Agostina Belli
Satomi Tezuka

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