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Question 1: A ________'s drum may rotate at 500 to 2000 r/min (8–33 Hz) during the spin cycles.
CanadaUnited StatesWashing machineLaundry

Question 2: ________ generally recommend the symbol r/min, which is more consistent with the general use of unit symbols.
Standards organizationInternational Organization for StandardizationInternational Electrotechnical CommissionStandardization

Question 3: a bullet fired from an M16A2 rifle, using a ________ rifle cartridge, spins at ~315,000 r/min.
5.56x45mm NATOM16 rifle.223 Remington7.62x51mm NATO

Question 4: The corresponding unit in the ________ (SI) is hertz (symbol Hz) or s-1 (1/second).
Systems of measurementConversion of unitsMetric systemInternational System of Units

Question 5: ________ engines are usually operated at 2500 r/min (41 Hz), with the minimum speed usually around 1000 r/min (16 Hz), and the redline at 6000-10,000 r/min (100-166 Hz).
Vacuum servoAutomobileThrottleDisc brake

Question 6: A ________ can reach 290,000 r/min (4,800 Hz), while 80,000–200,000 r/min (1–3 kHz) is common.
TurbochargerIgnition systemSuperchargerCarburetor

Question 7: ________ players also usually read discs at a constant linear rate.
Blu-ray DiscLaserdiscHD DVDDVD

Question 8: ________ engines rotate at tens of thousands of r/min.
Diesel engineGas turbineInternal combustion enginePower-to-weight ratio

Question 9: A power generation turbine rotates at 3000 r/min (50 hz) or 3600 r/min (60 Hz), depending on country - see ________.
United KingdomMains power around the worldAC power plugs and socketsCyprus

Question 10: The engine of a ________ racing car can reach 19,000 r/min (320 Hz) under some circumstances.
2010 Formula One seasonFormula OneMichael Schumacher2009 Formula One season


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