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Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan: Quiz


Question 1: The group opposed the Soviet-supported government, the following Mujahideen and ________ Islamist governments, and the present United States-supported Islamic Republican form of government.
Abu SayyafIslamic terrorismTalibanAl-Qaeda

Question 2: She also established schools for ________ children, hospitals and handicraft centers for refugee women in Pakistan.
KarachiAfghanistanTalibanAfghan refugees

Question 3: [2] RAWA also strives for multilateral ________.
Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban TreatyNaval conferenceDisarmamentArms control

Question 4: It was founded in ________ in 1977 by Meena Keshwar Kamal, a student activist who was assassinated on February 4, 1987 for her political activities.

Question 5: RAWA activities were forbidden by both the ________ and the Northern Alliance.
TalibanAl-QaedaAbu SayyafIslamic terrorism

Question 6: They continue to charge that the current government led by President ________ has no support in most areas of Afghanistan, and that fundamentalists are enforcing anti-woman laws as they were under the Taliban.
Hamid KarzaiKabulKarzai administrationMohammed Omar

Question 7: On October 7, the Afghan Women's Mission (AWM) organized a fund raising event for RAWA in ________.
Long Beach, CaliforniaGlendale, CaliforniaSan Jose, CaliforniaLos Angeles

Question 8: After the defeat of the Taliban government by US and ________ forces, RAWA warned that the Northern Alliance were just fundamentalist and dangerous as the Taliban.
International Security Assistance ForceAfghanistanNorthern AllianceHelmand Province

Question 9: [3] ________ was the chief guest and Sonali Kolhatkar and Zoya, a member of RAWA, were among the speakers.
Glenn CloseThe Vagina MonologuesEve EnslerJane Fonda

Question 10: Since RAWA opposes all forms of religious fundamentalism, it is regarded as a controversial group in Afghanistan and ________.


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