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Question 1: In practice, most political revolutionaries have been either ________, republicans, democrats, nationalists, socialists, communists, fascists or anarchists.
Isaiah BerlinDemocracyLiberalismClassical liberalism

Question 2: Marxist revolutionary ________ said this about revolutionaries: "At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love.
Che GuevaraFidel CastroChe (film)Guerrillero Heroico

Question 3: The term —both as a noun and adjective— is usually applied to the field of politics, and is occasionally used in the context of science, invention or ________.

Question 4: A ________ is someone who opposes all such changes.
Conservative political partiesConservatismTraditionalist conservatismLiberal conservatism

Question 5: Usually, these goals are part of a certain ________.
IdeologySociologyPoliticsJürgen Habermas

Question 6: A revolutionary is a person who either actively participates in, or advocates ________.
Karl MarxPolitical philosophyRevolutionAnarchism

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