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Question 1: The group even went so far as to create their own flag and claim to have left the ________ and formed their own government.
CanadaUnited StatesPhilippinesAlaska

Question 2: In January 2000, Malenko, Saturn and Benoit left WCW along with ________ in a dispute with management and formed The Radicalz in the World Wrestling Federation.
Chris JerichoEddie GuerreroStone Cold Steve AustinBret Hart

Question 3: The Revolution was a professional wrestling heel stable in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) led by ________.
Shane DouglasBarry WindhamRicky SteamboatStone Cold Steve Austin

Question 4: In October of that year, after ________ became head writer, the gimmick of the group changed to one that was anti-America and anti-government.
Chris JerichoJeff JarrettKurt AngleVince Russo

Question 5: The Revolution was formed by ________, Dean Malenko, Shane Douglas, and Perry Saturn on July 28, 1999.
Booker HuffmanChris BenoitChris JerichoStone Cold Steve Austin

Question 6: Their theme music had a guitar and percussion sound very similar to ________'s "The Beautiful People" but with perhaps a more proud and rebellious nature.
Marilyn MansonMarilyn Manson (band)Antichrist SuperstarJeordie White


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