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Reverse transcriptase: Quiz


Question 1: Class VI viruses ssRNA-RT, also called the ________ are RNA reverse transcribing viruses with a DNA intermediate.
RetrovirusVirus diseaseAdenoviridaeHerpesviridae

Question 2: The commercial availability of reverse transcriptase greatly improved knowledge in the area of molecular biology, as, along with other ________, it allowed scientists to clone, sequence, and characterise DNA.
Cofactor (biochemistry)EnzymeEnzyme inhibitorProtein

Question 3: The idea of reverse transcription was very unpopular at first as it contradicted the ________ which states that DNA is transcribed into RNA which is then translated into proteins.
Post-transcriptional regulationRegulation of gene expressionEpigeneticsCentral dogma of molecular biology

Question 4: Telomerase is another reverse transcriptase found in many eukaryotes, including humans, which carries its own RNA template; this RNA is used as a template for ________.
DNA clampPrimer (molecular biology)DNA replicationReplication fork

Question 5: Telomerase reverse transcriptase that maintains the telomeres of eukaryotic ________
ChromosomeAutosomeKaryotypeChromosomal translocation

Question 6: Reverse transcriptase has a high error rate when transcribing RNA into DNA since, unlike any other ________, it has no proofreading ability.
DNA polymerase IDNA polymeraseDNA polymerase III holoenzymeTelomerase

Question 7: Self-replicating stretches of ________ genomes known as retrotransposons utilize reverse transcriptase to move from one position in the genome to another via a RNA intermediate.

Question 8: This high error rate allows ________ to accumulate at an accelerated rate relative to proofread forms of replication.
Population geneticsSpeciationMutationEvolution

Question 9: Molecule of the month (September 2002) at the ________
X-ray crystallographyProtein structureProtein nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopyProtein Data Bank

Question 10: Examples of retroviruses include Human Immunodeficiency Virus (________) and Human T-Lymphotropic virus (HTLV).
AIDSHIVSafe sexHIV and AIDS misconceptions


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