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Reverse engineering: Quiz


Question 1: [6] As an example, decompilation of binaries for the ________ can be accomplished using Jad.
OpenJDKJava (programming language)Java (software platform)Sun Microsystems

Question 2: ________ model) of an object to match an "as-built" condition.
CATIAComputer-aided design2D computer graphicsComputer

Question 3: It is used to analyze, for instance, how a product works, what it does, and what components it consists of, estimate costs, and identify potential ________ infringement, etc.
PatentSoftware patentPatent infringementPatent application

Question 4: ________ technology is used to deter both reverse engineering and reengineering of proprietary software and software-powered systems.
Package pilferageTamper resistanceSecure cryptoprocessorPackaging and labeling

Question 5: In ________, low-level debuggers such as SoftICE are popular.
DirectXInternet Information ServicesMicrosoft WindowsInternet Explorer

Question 6: The Wine project does the same thing for the Windows API, and is one party doing this for the ________ file formats.
Microsoft OfficeMicrosoft Office 2007Microsoft Office LiveMicrosoft Office 2010

Question 7: To examine how a product works, what components it consists of, estimate costs, and identify potential ________.
Patent infringement under United States lawPatent infringementPatent prosecutionPatent infringement under United Kingdom law

Question 8: This is especially useful for reverse engineering ________.
Operating systemOS/2InterruptDevice driver

Question 9: Reverse engineering (RE) is the process of discovering the technological principles of a device, object or system through ________ of its structure, function and operation.
AnalysisGottlob FregeRudolf CarnapBertrand Russell

Question 10: ________ often seem to have been designed on obsolete, proprietary systems, which means that the only way to incorporate the functionality into new technology is to reverse-engineer the existing chip and then re-design it.
Electrical engineeringCentral processing unitIntegrated circuitMOSFET


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