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Question 1: While transcription was classically thought to only occur from DNA to RNA, ________ transcribes RNA into DNA.
IntegraseReverse transcriptaseThymidine kinaseGlucokinase

Question 2: Virally encoded ________ uses the pre-genomic RNA as a template for the creation of genomic DNA.
IntegraseReverse transcriptaseGlucokinaseThymidine kinase

Question 3: In this model, the RNA world hypothesis, cellular organisms adopted the more chemically stable DNA when retroviruses evolved to create ________ from the RNA templates.

Question 4: PPT is primer for plus-strand DNA synthesis during ________.
IntegraseThymidine kinaseGlucokinaseReverse transcriptase

Question 5: Once in the host's cell, the RNA strands undergo reverse transcription in the ________ and are integrated into the host's genome, at which point the retroviral DNA is referred to as a provirus.
CytosolCell (biology)MetabolismMitochondrion

Question 6: non-enveloped: Parvoviridae (________)
Virus diseaseAdenoviridaeRotavirusParvovirus B19

Question 7: polymerase (pol) codes for reverse transcriptase, ________ and integrase; and,
Aspartate proteaseSerine proteaseCysteine proteaseProtease

Question 8: ________: consisted of gag proteins, protease(PR), pol proteins and env proteins.

Question 9: Because reverse transcription lacks the usual proofreading of DNA replication, a retrovirus ________ very often.
MutationPopulation geneticsEvolutionSpeciation

Question 10: [3] Most insertions have no known function and are often referred to as "________".
ProteinNoncoding DNAIntronNon-coding RNA


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