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Question 1: This title appeared in the history of ________, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam.
Province (China)Religion in ChinaChinaTime in China

Question 2: Qianlong Emperor (Gaozong) of the ________ who abdicated in 1796 and was made Taishang Huang until his death in 1799.
Qing DynastyMing DynastyChinaYuan Dynasty

Question 3: The title originated, however, from ________ (Emperor Gao of Han)'s father Liu Taigong[1], who was honored as such after Liu Bang declared himself emperor in 202, even though Liu Taigong was never emperor himself.
Xiang YuEmperor Gaozu of HanChu–Han contentionZhang Liang (Western Han)

Question 4: The title was name in Chinese as Taishang Huang (Chinese: 太上皇________: tàishàng huáng).
ISO/IEC 8859-8ISO/IEC 8859-3PinyinISO/IEC 646

Question 5: In Korean the title was Sang-hwang (________: 상황; Hanja: 上皇), or sometimes even Taesang-hwang (hangul: 태상황; hanja: 太上皇).
HangulBrāhmī scriptAlphabetHebrew alphabet

Question 6: However, he was given the title Tae-hwangje (________: 태황제; Hanja: 太皇帝).
HangulBrāhmī scriptHebrew alphabetAlphabet

Question 7: but after the Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty of 1910, the Imperial Household was demoted by the ________.
Imperial Japanese NavyImperial Japanese ArmyEmpire of JapanShōwa period

Question 8: Retired Emperor, Grand Emperor, or Emperor Emeritus is a title occasionally used throughout East Asian feudal regimes for former ________ who had (at least in name) abdicated voluntarily to their sons.
PrinceByzantine EmpireEmperorMonarch

Question 9: Zhengtong Emperor (Yingzong) of the Ming from his capture by the ________ in 1449 until his return to the throne in 1457.
MonguorMongolsKalmyk peopleBorjigin


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