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Question 1: Retablos are devotional or votive paintings, often on rectangular sheets of tin that illustrate holy images such as ________, the Virgin Mother, or one of the hundreds of saints.
JesusChristNew TestamentGospel

Question 2: This is a different meaning from the original one in Spanish, which still applies in Spain, and is equivalent to reredos in English or retable in French: a painting, sculpture or combination of the two, rising behind the ________ of a church.
Gospel (liturgy)BishopAltarAltar cloth

Question 3: By the 19th century, the process of ________ became very popular for devotional retablos, replacing earlier printmaking methods.
ChromolithographyPhotolithographyLithographyOffset printing

Question 4: Spanish retablos of the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance grew extremely large and elaborate, typically using carved and ________ wood, and rising as high as 40 feet or more.

Question 5: Retablo (or lamina) is a term for a Latin American devotional painting, especially a small popular or folk art one using ________ derived from traditional Catholic church art.
IconographyHalo (religious iconography)Gothic artMadonna (art)

Question 6: Both devotional and especially ex-voto retablos may be deposited at a ________ as a votive offering, or alternatively kept at home.
PilgrimageBahá'í FaithAltarShrine

Question 7: These traditions are by no means exclusive to Latin America, but are found in all Roman Catholic countries, as well as in classical ________ and many other religions.
PaganismPrehistoric religionChristianity and PaganismPolytheism


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