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Resurrection of the dead: Quiz


Question 1: Yawm al-Qayāmah (Arabic: يوم القيامة‎ literally: "Day of the Resurrection") is the Last Judgment in ________.
MosqueMuslim historyIslamic schools and branchesIslam

Question 2: Al-Qayaamah is the 75th ________ of the Qur'an.

Question 3: Judaism, ________, Islam and Zoroastrianism all variously describe a resurrection of the dead, usually referring to a regeneration of all people to face God on Judgment Day.
EcumenismChristianityBaptistChristian denomination

Question 4: It is generally believed that when a person's body dies, the ________ is separated from the body and continues to exist forever.

Question 5: In this school of thought, the dead remain dead (and do not immediately progress to a ________, Hell, or Purgatory) until a physical resurrection of the dead occurs at the end of time.

Question 6: Most ________ teach the concept of eternal life after death, provided through the atonement of Christ.
BaptistChristian denominationEcumenismChristianity

Question 7: The Magi rulers, who according to the ________ came to worship the infant Jesus, were followers of Zoroaster.
GospelNew TestamentApostle (Christian)Holy Spirit

Question 8: But then at the second coming of Christ, there will be a ________ of all believers, including who have already died.
DispensationalismPremillennialismRaptureEnd time

Question 9: Jewish halakhic authority ________ set down thirteen main principles of the Jewish faith which have ever since been printed in all Rabbinic Siddur (prayer books).
Thomas AquinasAverroesSoulMaimonides

Question 10: Belief in Qayaamah is part of ________ ("creed") and is a fundamental tenet of faith in Islam.
Shia IslamMu'taziliIslamophobiaIslamic theology


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